New Hampshire Flu Season

It's important to keep yourself and loved ones protected against the flu. Below is where you can find Greater Sullivan clinics and schedules for Fall 2020

School Based FREE Drive-Thru Clinic Details

age 4-19

open to any student

no cost

no insurance necessary

please bring

the completed parental consent form with you to your chosen clinic

mandatory masks

we ask that all parties in the vehicle be masked as they come through the clinic

please consider

having the student wear a short sleeve shirt to assist the vaccinator in administering the vaccine

guardians DO NOT need to

be the driver. Any person can bring a student to a clinic, as long as the parental consent form is properly filled out

Clinic Dates

Parent & Guardian Frequently Asked Questions About School-Based Flu Clinics

Influenza, commonly called “the flu”, is a viral infection that affects the nose, throat, and lungs.  The flu is different from the common cold as it is more likely to cause severe illness and life-threatening complication.

Here are some of the benefits of the flu vaccine:

  •  Best Protection: The seasonal flu vaccine offers the best protection against influenza illness and is recommended for all children 6 months of age and older.
  • Decreased Illness: The flu vaccine can help prevent people from getting sick with the flu and studies have shown that even if the vaccine fails to prevent the flu, it may still make the illness less serious.
  • Protect High Risk: Some children are at high risk for complications from the flu, including those with asthma, diabetes, heart disease and other conditions.
  • Saves Lives: The flu vaccine can lower the risk of a child being hospitalized or dying from the flu.
  • Flu Vaccine Every Year: The CDC recommends a flu vaccine every year because immune protection decreases from one year to the next and the viruses that cause influenza can change from year to year.
    Please refer to for more information about the benefits of flu vaccines.

Here are some of the benefits of having the flu vaccine given in school:

  • Efficient and Convenient: Schools are a great setting to vaccinate a large number of children efficiently and conveniently, no separate appointment is needed.
  • Herd Immunity: Germs are spread easily at school. The school community may benefit from herd immunity, protecting others in the school from influenza illness and reducing the risk of an influenza outbreak. Family members may also be protected from getting the flu if your child is vaccinated.
  • Decreased Absenteeism: Your child will be less likely to get sick from the flu and miss school. You will be less likely to miss work if your child is not home sick.
  • Protect Kids: Rates of flu infection are often highest among children. Flu clinics at school allow more children to be protected from influenza disease.

No, the flu vaccine protects against influenza, which is a different virus than the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. While the flu vaccine does not protect against COVID-19, it can help protect against lung infections related to the flu. Scientists are working on developing a vaccine to prevent COVID-19.

There is no cost to participate in this flu clinic. The NH Immunization Program is able to provide the vaccine.

Trained clinical staff will provide the vaccine to your child.

The flu vaccine given at school is injectable and quadrivalent, which means it is a flu shot that protects against 4 different influenza viruses. There are no preservatives, such as thimerosal, in the single dose flu vaccines provided.

The intranasal flu vaccine will not be offered due to increased screening requirements. 

Yes, the vaccine is very safe. There may be redness and swelling at the site of the shot but most side effects of the vaccine are mild and go away on their own in a few days. There has been extensive research showing the safety of flu vaccines and hundreds of millions of Americans have safely received flu vaccines over the past 50 years.

The risk of a vaccine causing a serious reaction is extremely rare, but like any other medicine, it could possibly cause a problem such as an allergic reaction. All children will be screened by trained clinical staff based on the answers you gave when you completed the consent form. All children will wait at the clinic area for 15 minutes after vaccination. In the rare event of a reaction, staff are trained and equipped to handle the situation.

No, the flu vaccine cannot give you the flu. There are many reasons your child might feel flu-like symptoms. For example, they might have been exposed to a non-flu virus before or after they got vaccinated or they might have been exposed to the flu virus after they got vaccinated but before the vaccine took effect. Remember, it takes about two weeks after you get the vaccine for your body to build protection against the flu. Mild side effects of the vaccine can also sometimes be mistaken for the flu.

No, only small groups of children will be brought to the clinic area at a time and sent back to class as soon as possible.

Currently, the state-provided influenza vaccine is only available for the pediatric population. Children enrolled at the school can get a vaccine at our clinic.

If your child is eight years old or younger and has not received at least 2 doses of flu vaccine in previous flu seasons, you may need to follow up with your child’s medical provider for a booster dose again this school year.

We prefer that children receive the vaccine with their classmates but will make accommodations, if needed.

We will encourage your child to get the vaccine along with the other classmates. Staff will not force your child. If your child does not receive the vaccine at the school, a note will be sent home explaining why.

Contact the school nurse to see if you can help. 

Mild illness, such as the common cold, does not mean your child cannot get the flu vaccine. Your child will be evaluated by the vaccine clinical staff and the school nurse on the day of the clinic.

If your child is absent on the day of the clinic and misses the flu vaccine, you can arrange to take your child to your health care provider or another location where flu vaccine is given.

All clinic staff are bound by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to protect your child’s privacy.

If your child is a patient of Dartmouth-Hitchcock primary care, your child’s provider will be notified. All children who receive the flu vaccine will be sent home with a paper record of their vaccination. If your child’s primary care provider (PCP) is outside of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock system, it is recommended that you share the vaccination information with your child’s PCP to keep their immunization records up-to-date.

Refer to the information sent home with your child or visit the following CDC website: If you have questions about the flu clinic ask your school nurse.

2020 FREE Community Drive-Thru Seasonal Flu Vaccine Clinics Details

age 10 and older

flu vaccine clinics are open to anyone aged 10 and older

everyone will be screened

for COVID-19 symptoms. Please do not come if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. People with symptoms will not receive a flu vaccine

regular dose vaccine and

an enhanced vaccine for people 65 and older are expected to be available

mandatory masks

we ask that all parties in the vehicle be masked as they come through the clinic. A mask will be provided for you if you do not have one

please wear loose

fitting clothing to make it easy to expose the arm closest to the vehicle window

no more than 4

people per car, please, or be prepared for one person to exit the vehicle in a socially distanced manner

Clinic Dates & Location

**For the Enfield clinic only, we ask that people try to arrive for vaccines as follows:

From 2pm – 3pm: Last name begins with the letters A through F
From 3pm – 4pm: Last name begins with the letters F through M
From 4pm – 5pm: Last name begins with letters N through S
From 5pm – 6pm: Last name begins with letters T thgough Z

Lake Sunapee Region VNH & Hospice Logo

2020 Influenza

Community Flu Clinics

Hosted by Lake Sunapee Region VNA & Hospice

Lake Sunapee Region VNH & Hospice Logo

Clinic Details

age 19 and older

for people 19+ years of age

Lake Sunapee VNA

will accept and bill Medicaid, Medicare and Medicare Replacement Plan (please bring your insurance cards)

mandatory masks

masks and social distancing required

if paying with cash

or check, the cost is $40 for the regular dose and $80 for the high dose (recommended for people 65+ years of age)

please bring

the completed Flu Vaccine Consent form available at

space is limited

Appointment is required. Call 603-748-1731 to schedule

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Lebanon

2020 Flu Clinic

Clinic Details

drive-thru only

the 2020 Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) community flu clinics is 'drive-thru' only

age 9 and older

A parent or legal guardian must be present for patients under the age of 18

schedule your appointment

online at ( If you do not have a myD-H account, please call the Flu Hotline

when you schedule

please have your insurance card ready. If you carry healthcare insurance, we will bill your carrier at no cost to you.

if you develop

COVID-19 symptoms prior to your appointment, please do not come to your scheduled flu shot appointment. Contact the Flu Hotline for more infromation

space is limited

Appointment is required. Call 603-748-1731 to schedule

Flu Hotline


Clinic Dates & Location

October 3
1:00pm – 4:00pm

Tuesday – Thursday
October 6 – October 8
3:00pm – 6:00pm

Tuesday – Thursday
October 13 – October 15
3:00pm – 6:00pm

October 17
1:00pm – 4:00pm

Tuesday – Thursday
October 20 – October 22
3:00pm – 6:00pm

October 24
1:00pm – 4:00pm

October 25
1:00pm – 4:00pm